Our Spirits &  Liqueurs' collection came to life only after enriching our wine collection with new additions and regions.  


'Fall under the spell  of Alpine Fragrances...'

We have a selection of authentic génépis and Fruits Eaux de vie  from the historical, Savoy-based, Maison Dolin - the only true creator of vermouth which is not Italian.

Beside this collection, they make the purest beers, fruit liqueurs and syrups.  


Unrivalled calvados  and ciders from The Domaine Dupont, only with  the "AOC Pays d'Auge". Made using double distillation in a Charente style alembic, and  aged in oak barrels, for periods varying between 2 to 40 years. They are only bottled when about to be  sold!


Izarra means 'Star' in Basque language.  it is a distillation of plants and spices, blended with a maceration of green walnut, combined with almond shells and dosed with Armagnac.

Recently, six talented  Barmen investigated what the ancients called "The Sun and the Snow of the Pyrénées" and invented exclusive cocktails!


Located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Charente,  the Oleron Island is the largest metropolitan area after Corsica. Throughout history, the Oleron Island  has always witnessed wine-making. During the 13th Century, the Island was under the British Crown and Oleron was a  famous vineyard, where the English were making their purchases. The Charente is well-known for her Cognac but also for her famous Liqueur - the  Pineau.

Produced on the marvelous Oleron Island,  Louis Pearl is the premium brand from Cave d'Oléron - a unique cognac range from a unique Terroir - The only Islay Cognac!

The Spirits & Liqueurs

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