Besides the fantastic range of American, Italian and Spanish wines, our French palate was considering the French wines' selection in NYC and in London, limited and unrepresentative.


The French spirit, as the very essence of French Wine, was not available, and deemed to be an essential missing ingredient.


Beyond the major names - which are totally part of the French cultural heritage, and cannot be separated from the luxury industry - the offer was strictly standard.


In that situation, we deeply deplore that rare, flamboyant excellence is too often blended in with bland and mass production, manufactured for export only, whilst a large part of the French winemaking is being ignored despite sharing the same foundations and the same ethic.


B&W is not interested in selling new concepts, new methods, new producers, new fashion - it is already massively done. We are only concerned with  defending and promoting old-school classics, and paradoxically doing so is innovative.


Those winemakers are unknown outside of France, because they are totally dedicated to doing what they know best, and it is a daily struggle to resist the temptation to take the easy way out. They just try to keep on with the savoir-faire and the ancestral techniques, transmitted from generation to generation.


These alchimists discreetly produce, in small quantities, accessible and traditionally crafted wines, most of them being produced using sustainable methods.


Laurent faure and his wife sally, are both previous Attorneys, and B&W - created in the USA in 2008 and in the UK in 2010 - is the spearhead of those so-called "Maisons" and other "Regions".




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