B&W has personally selected  top quality vintages, all created in accordance with ancestral methods.  


We have a thing for zero dosage (no sugar addition) champagnes - making them extra brut or "brut nature", as we say in France. Those champagnes could be labelled "skinny champagne", if we were into a ruthlessly commercial perspective, but we are more interested in highligting that the absence of dosage enhances the complex qualities of those wines, particularly their minerality and their aromas.  


We are totally involved in the rosé champagne's renaissance, being more affordable and not confined  to an elitist distribution.  


We have an interesting selection of  "blanc de noir" - an exclusive champagne made only of red grapes (Pinot noir and/or Pinot meunier).

Just like the rosé champagne was exclusive a few years back, the "blanc de noir" holds the same status. 


The Champagne 

Image 10 Andre Tixier Champagne Arnould 2-B&W Berthelot 3 generations-Bubbles&Wines London UK